HDPE Lining & Piping Systems Installs

Certified HDPE On-site treatment installs new landfills or old sites that have to be monitored. We have several certified HDPE Welders on staff. HDPE is the most widely used geomembrane in the [...]

Dewatering & Containment

Water Containment And Flow This is usually done on a site where there is deep excavation below the water table. We contain the water as we dig and usually fill the space with gravel so the water [...]

On Site Treatment Systems Installs

Contamination Treatment System installs are used on sites that are contaminated or have been contaminated, to treat the contamination and/or monitor the area. An on-site treatment system uses [...]

Landfill Construction & Closures

Landfill Cell Landfill Cell built in Santa Fe. We have built many landfills, both public and private, and specialize in the different soil conditions throughout New Mexico. When planning the [...]

Waste Transport & Disposal

NM Special Waste Bureau Enviroworks has a fleet of trucks that are registered with the NM Special Waste Bureau for hauling almost any type of Waste. Hazardous waste must be packaged and [...]

Emergency Clean Up

  An environmental emergency can occur when people’s health and/or significant damage to the ecosystem is at risk due to the release of hazardous and noxious substances like an oil spill or [...]

Excavation | Remediation

Clean Soil (Photo Caption Above) Excavation of soil that is contaminated and putting back clean soil to remediate the site. Environmental excavation | remediation deals with the removal of [...]