The right people, equipment, processes, and 40 years combined experience between key personnel make Enviroworks, LLC. an outstanding leader in comprehensive construction and environmental services. With our professional workforce, experience, and equipment, we tackle the most challenging projects. We specialize in projects with demanding schedules, multiple technical capabilities, and heavy resource requirements.

Department of Energy

Kleinfelder, Inc. – Los Alamos National Labs

Excavation, compaction, lining pits, restoration, and road construction.

NM Waste Management

Landfill – Rio Rancho, NM

Excavation and removal of 104,000 cubic yards of existing landfill debris and excavated 280,000 cubic yards of dirt for a new cell.

Jordan Engineering, Inc

Landfill – Albuquerque, NM

Excavation, backfill and compaction of 89,774 cubic yards of existing landfill debris. Restoration of surrounding sites.

Jordan Engineering, Inc

Commercial Building Site – Albuquerque, NM

Excavate and create a pad site for a future commercial building site.

City of Albuquerque

Intera, Inc – Balloon Fiesta Park

Repaired methane extraction wells and filled and grated of the 75 acre LA Landfill site.

A-I Auto

DB Stephens & Associates – Penasco, NM

Emergency dig and haul of petroleum impacted soil. Dug under state highway and removed 14,000 cubic yards and replaced to DOT specifications.

Gill’s Shell

Brown Environmental, Inc. – Grants, NM

Removed 7,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and backfilled.

Allsup’s 319

Brown Environmental, Inc. – Taos, NM

Install remediation system for New Mexico Environmental Department.

Las Soleras

The Crossings, LTD., Co. – Santa Fe, NM

Graded and compacted 500,000 cubic yards of dirt for building site and roads.

Sandoval County Landfill

The Snow Co. – Rio Rancho, NM

Constructed two new cell sites approximately 150,000 cubic yards of dirt and fine grade.

San Juan County Landfill

NM Waste Management – San Juan County, NM

Excavate and remove 60,000 cubic yards of existing trash and excavate 84,000 cubic yards of soil and fine grade.

5500 San Antonio

ISBS, LLC – Albuquerque, NM

Excavation and removal of 27,342 cubic yards of landfill debris.

Santa Fe Judicial Complex

Bradbury Stamm – Santa Fe, NM

Excavate and dispose of petroleum-contaminated soil.

Our Mission

To deploy the right people, equipment & processes on all projects to save our clients time and money.

Exxon Mobile

Kleinfrelder, Inc – Midland, Tx

Install a Soil Vapor Extraction system.

Los Alamos National Labs

LATA, Inc. – Los Alamos, NM

Excavation, compaction, lining pits, restoration and road construction.

Valencia County Landfill

NM Waste Management – Los Limas, NM

Cell 3 construction, excavation, stockpile and tine grade.

San Juan County Landfill

NM Waste Management- Flora Vista, NM

Excavate and stockpile, perimeter road, and pond.

DPhilip’s Semiconductor Plant

Reid and Assoc. – Albuquerque, NM

Excavation, backfill and compaction of existing landfill debris of 20+ acres.


Excavation and closures.

Consol Energy

Burnham, NM

120,000 cy of site remediation of a diesel spill.

San Juan Springs

Kleinfelder, Inc. – Farmington, NM

Chromium Hexovalent clean up.

OA Systems Corp

Laguna, NM

Fuel tank removals on the Laguna Reservation.

Eco Systems

Kayanta, NM

Fuel tank removals on the Navajo Reservation.

Las Soleras

Hombres Del La Tierra – Santa Fe, NM

15 acre cell construction.

Roswell Landfill

City of Roswell – Roswell, NM

Sub-grade prep, Liner installation, and protective cover.

Lea County Landfill

Lea County – Eunice, NM

Excavate, backfill and compact 45 acres.

Our Capabilities